5 Ways Intuition Boosts Your Mission

5 Ways Intuition Boosts Your Mission


Think of an example of a successful person you know. Imagine them within their career. Do you know what stands out to you? Do they seem to radiate from a center of light, surrounded by endless clients and flow? Perhaps they have a special something? Possibly, they shine in their individual authentic light? Maybe, they draw from a place within.

This is intuition. Intuition and success are a perfect couple.

This is why.

You offer a service infused with passion

You speak to the heart of your clients

You add true value to those around you


Alicia Keys is a prime example. You know she is an amazing artist. Maybe you know her talent and her music. Let’s look a little deeper, and allow me to preach my analysis of her success. Now, I’m not an expert in music, but I am observant and I noticed a few things.

Last night, while watching The Voice, I was paying close attention to the way she works. On this competition style singing show, she is a voice coach. I noticed that the songs her students sing have a special something. Then, I noticed HOW she was coaching them. She was using her intuition. She could hear what others could not hear and she made decisions based on that. She had a vision. She could see potential, not just what was in front of her. It was a pleasure to just watch. Imagine the effect that working with her would have on those fortunate enough to do so? Okay, I know. This is ALICIA KEYS we are talking about. But, before you give up, consider this. What if you had the SAME thing inside of you that she has in her? What if we ALL do?

I believe you do. I believe everyone has a set pf passions, skills, talents and missions. I believe it is set into you like a code to a program. It is written like a blue print to your life’s work. The trick is to find it, listen to it, see it and follow it. To use a cliché, follow your heart!

I believe in intuitions and inspirations...I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am. - Albert Einstein

Intuition is seeing with the soul. - Dean Koontz

How will Intuition Change Your Life and Business?


1. Aligning with Something Greater

Do you want to flow with the source that is connected to and creator of all that is around you? Do you want to take action from a place of ultimate wisdom? When you decide primarily from your intellect, you miss out on a wealth of priceless information that comes from within.

2. Create beyond your imagination

Creativity flows when you are tapped into an endless source. Your intuition and internal guidance system work seamlessly to open you up to innovation beyond your wildest dreams. Speaking of dreaming, this includes the daytime. Pay attention! Take notes.

Utilize these notions, urges and images.

These are all ways your intuition communicates with you. But it’s up to you to take that blueprint and put it to work. It is a powerful vehicle that you have at your hands. Remember, you hold the keys!

3. Define your Mission

Once you start listening to your inner voice and using intuition to guide you, your mission and direction become crystal clear. Eliminate wasting time and energy making the wrong decisions and landing back at start. Nothing is ever easy, but decreasing outside noise, feelings of hopelessness and external forces enable you to move forward with joy and confidence.

4. Ultimate Networking

Imagine a world of like-minded, purpose driven people all around you. When you are operating from your truest self and toward your most authentic goals, you will automatically attract and retain your tribe. Those on similar missions are designed to gravitate toward each other as if magnetically. As your intuition increases, your heart opens, your mind (judgement, anger, jealousy, anxiety) all lessen. Your empathy increases. ALL of this leads you to positive relations and communications.

5. Tune In to Your Own Inner Compass

Create a life and mission fueled by authenticity. Find daily motivation within. Allow your true self to shine. Fine YOUR voice.



Way before the pencil hits the paper, we will help you define and refine your intuitive mission. We will facilitate concrete methods of putting your true mission out there.

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