Goats' Purpose

As a Capricorn Goat I have this vision in my mind that I channel to carry my dream forward into the world so that I can make some meaningful difference before I exit.

When I look around, I find that I usually operate within a space of discernment as I observe my surrounding, and also the space within.

I aim to locate the truth.

I desire to find what is good and of value and expose it.

The converse of this is that I can be excessively critical when I have a problem with something, which of course I need to be careful with as an emotionally responsible human being, since anything can be taken too far.

But I am pulled toward writing killer copy because it draws me towards the light, and allows me the opportunity to use my talents to increase exposure for good, hard-working people that have something to offer to the world.

My favorite type of client is the one who works so hard on their craft they don’t have the time or desire to refine their image.

A collaborative copywriter who sees this in a client and can then harness this energy into a genuinely convincing narrative can make all the difference in the world to a small to medium-sized business in need of increased exposure, operating on a fixed budget.

In today’s world, a business owner stands to gain quite a bit from working with marketing and SEO experts who take a creative approach to their client’s needs. These people are not only an objective eye, or an independent consultant, they literally control who and what gets seen, and on what terms.

Knowledge is power. Coupled with outside-the-box thinking and genuine care, this knowledge is  King Arthur Golden Chalice kind of serum.

The reason my wife and I started Copy Goat Media was to utilize our collective talents in a responsible way to bring attention to hard-working people who stand to benefit from increased traffic.

It is our dream that someday we can say we have built something that has truly brought a lot of good into the world.

In this way, our vision aligns with the clients we work with, making collaboration that much more connected and meaningful.