We are creative and hard working. 

We think technically, but approach client needs in a holistic and intuitive manner.

We base our work on the study of Interpersonal and Intercultural communication theory and on the nuances of the English Language.

We have working knowledge of quantitative and qualitative financial, marketing, advertising and design techniques.

We have experience developing copy and search engine optimization for health care providers and childhood development professionals. 

We also provide consultative services, develop branding and logo imagery.



Why do you want quality website copy?

First impressions are lasting. A website is usually the primary place people land when searching for a new business.

Professional communication with your clients makes a good and lasting impression. 

Imagine looking for a new service, yourself. You google an industry and in our quick digital age can compare websites from several companies. You instantly give loyalty to one over the other within minutes.

So, what "got" you?

The website that gained your loyalty was most likely clear, concise, and professional.

More importantly, it most likely had a special authentic and unique something that set it apart from its competitors.


Why  Blog?

Bloggers gain an industry advantage. 

Blogs increase traffic to your site.

Blogs position you as the expert.

Blogs are the most effective way to define your brand.

Why send newsletters?

Newsletters keep your customers informed. 

Newsletters keep your customers loyal.

Newsletters are personal via delivery straight to your customer's inbox.

Why be social?

 A net doesnt exist without the connections. Utilize social media to connect.

Consistent Social Media Marketing is the best way to deliver fresh and valuable messages to your clients on a consistent basis.

This ALL takes work, time, skill, authenticity, consistency, creativity and drive. 

Why Hire Us?

We will work hard to create professional messages for your brand.

  Writing, editing and social networking is not your forte ( or you would be doing what we do), however it is vital in today's market. Leverage what works.

We got this, while you take care of what you do best.


About Us

We are a creative, hard working, dedicated team of professionals.

Joe-Content Editor and Project Manager

Olivia-Content Writer and Layout Design


Olivia has a BA in Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication studies with a minor is Art.

She has an MS in Education

Olivia has spent past few years as a SAHM, while publishing and marketing a local chapter of a national online newsletter and website, taking on projects in writing and curriculum design and art teaching.

Joe earned his MA in English Ed. He is currently working as a manager in the financial medical field in NYC. He has a BS in Finance and English.







Sometimes you need more than the copy. 

Now excited to offer our Brand new service- ShaktiArtistry Creative Coaching

Do you feel stuck?

Do you long to move from a place of dreaming to a place of concrete manifesting?

Do you feel you have so much to offer, but are unsure how to channel it all effectively?

Do you have visions, beauty, ideas and a general need to create?


overwhelm, depression, anxiety, fuzzy thinking, fatigue, frustration, lack of time, lack of planning skills, lack of clarity, general feeling of stuck all preventing you from reaching your highest good?

Then ShaktiArtistry Creative Coaching is for you!

What is ShaktiArtistry Creative Coaching?

A personal or group facilitation that moves you through blocks and to a space where you can create your visions, whether that vision is  anything from mothering, home making, photography, painting, running a business or showing up for your life at your very best. 

As a creative coach, I reintroduce you through a guided curriculum to your innate inner wisdom. I enable you to tap into your intuition. I facilitate you through a space where you can remove energetic blocks, and improve your general well being.

You can expect: Each coaching session is tailored to our individual needs, which I will determine through an assessment of your current situation. A session or workshop can include any of the following:

Guided meditations

Specific journaling assignments

Mindfulness Training

Reiki Treatments

Traditional Yoga postures and philosophies

Guided creative expressions, such as art, sketching clay or other modalities.

A nurturing environment

Use of crystals, aromatherapy, incense, candles and healing music